Individual Counseling


Find your authentic self.

Do you feel buried beneath past traumas, challenging relationships, works dramas, caring for everyone but yourself, racism, cultural dislocation, grief and loss, anxiety, and isolation?  Are you reactive rather than responsive? Unable to rest and enjoy life? Sometimes we need a safe space to rest, be held and be heard.


We all need support.

The journey of life is a difficult one, and we were never meant to go it alone. For those who are constantly giving, counseling is an opportunity to receive the warmth, compassion and understanding you need to fully bloom. I offer individual psychotherapy focused on women of color from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, using interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive behavioral therapy and other modalities to support your healing journey.


The deepest healing.

I approach healing work in the past, present and future by helping to alleviate existing suffering, promoting integration for well-being and supporting clients in building resilience for future challenges.

I utilize the following methods: 

  • Talk therapy
  • Embodied attunement to feelings
  • Sand tray therapy
  • Non-dominant hand drawing
  • Guided visualization
  • Advocacy 
  • And other processes

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