Healing from the Trauma of Racism: Circle of Healing

A One-Night Only Group for Past Participants of Healing from the Trauma of Racism

Come reconnect, regroup and rest in a safe space designed for us.

To survive the ongoing trauma of racism, we need supportive relationships.  

In American society, we are taught that we need tools and strategies to cope emotionally.  While these tools are important, self-regulation is an auxiliary strategy to co·regulation: being in the presence of warm, attuned, respectful people who care about our well-being.  With co·regulation, our natural ability to heal provides us with the discernment we need to be well. 

"Healing from the Trauma of Racism: Circle of Healing" is another opportunity to gather with other People of Color who have participated in previous groups.  This space will offer opportunities for:

                    * Meeting new people and deepening relationships with others

                                            * Group mindfulness meditation

                * Microaggression detoxification through paired attunement practice

             * Questions and answers about racism and interpersonal neurobiology

                                              * Sharing of helpful resources

"Healing from the Trauma of Racism" is facilitated by Danette C. Gillespie-Otto, LCSW, an African-American therapist.  This group draws upon the principles of Interpersonal Neurobiology, anti-oppression training and trauma-informed care.

                      Come be with us.  Come breathe with us.  You deserve it.

                                           Date: Monday, February 11, 2019

                                                         Time: 6:00 - 9:00PM

                Location: Portland English Language Academy, Lloyd Center Mall - 3rd Floor

                                                               Cost: $50.00 


*Please note: this group is for People of Color and past participants of "Healing from the Trauma of Racism" only.  If you want to share these opportunities with your loved ones and colleagues of color, the next "Healing from the Trauma of Racism: Part I" group will be in April 2018!  

Questions about this opportunity?  Please feel free to contact me at 503-482-8982 or communioncounseling@gmail.com.


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