Healing from the Trauma of Racism: Part I


Racism is a Daily Traumatic Experience

As a Person of Color, maybe you first experienced racism in kindergarten, being singled out for the color of your skin.  Maybe it happened when you were a little older.  Maybe you were called names, teased, left out, beaten or bullied.

Perhaps you experienced internalized oppression in your family or with your peers, being teased or bullied for the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes, the texture of your hair, the languages you spoke, or didn't speak.  You were too dark or too light.  Not this enough.  Not that enough.

Maybe you experience racism in your workplace.  Daily microaggressions.  Or macroaggressions.  Insults to your humanity.  Your voice not being valued in meetings.  Insensitive comments made around you.  Maybe you are the only person like you on your team.  Or on your floor.  Or in your entire building.  Maybe you are being passed over for promotions.  Or being professionally persecuted.

Perhaps your children are being targeted at school.  Maybe you fear for their safety and well-being.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable and outnumbered in grocery stores, parks, on the street or in other  common spaces.

Maybe you are overwhelmed by social media and the news with reports of the brutalities happening against people who look like you.


You are Not Alone

Racism is a form of trauma for People of Color that is particularly insidious, because it is so pervasive, yet largely denied.  When People of Color attempt to address racism directly, we are often met with outrage or tears.  Rage, heartbreak and terror may be some of the effects of this ongoing toxic exposure.  We may have difficulty sleeping.  We may begin isolating.  We may overeat or not eat enough.  We may get to the point of breaking down.

Because of the nature of systemic oppression, we cannot live in this country and escape the effects of racism.  But we can end our isolation.  We can gather together, care for one another and heal.


A 4-Week Liberation Process Group

Let's liberate ourselves from the inside out.  Using the principles of interpersonal neurobiology, Danette will be facilitating a 4-week process group designed to help us build new relationships, share our stories and gain new tools for addressing the effects of racism in our daily lives.

Healing from the Trauma of Racism: 

A Liberation Process Group for People of Color

Dates: Mondays, April 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th

Time: 6 - 9 PM

Location: NE Portland - specific address given with registration

Cost: $300.00 for the series

Early- Bird Special: $225.00 when registered by March 15, 2020 --save 25%

*Please Note: this group is for People of Color only.  For our White brothers, sisters and siblings, please support our healing by sharing this opportunity with the People of Color that you know and love.  Or feel free to purchase a registration as a scholarship, if you feel called to do so.

The next series of "Healing from the Trauma of Racism" will be: 

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