Healing from the Trauma of Racism: Part II

Deepening the Journey

Racism is unending, but it does not have to be our undoing. 

With compassionate relationships, awareness and the movement of feelings, we can heal, and even thrive, under oppressive circumstances.

My Siblings, Sisters and Brothers of Color, I am offering you another opportunity to  come together for healing. Our first four weeks together laid a  foundation of understanding the intractable nature of racism and how we  must care for ourselves and one another in an ongoing way.

Healing from the Trauma of Racism - Part II: Deepening the Journey  is the next step in our process. Here, we continue our exploration of  racism, trauma and healing in a safe and supportive way. Come together with old friends and meet new friends who  also have a vested interest in our personal and collective liberation.  This group is based in the principles of interpersonal neurobiology,  anti-oppression theory and trauma-informed care, offering even more  opportunities for sharing, learning and healing, including:

*The Art of Attunement and Compassion

*Group Mindfulness Practice

*Microaggression Detoxification

*Rupture and Repair in Relationships

*Developing Discernment and Boundaries

*And more!

Come and hone your skills in the art of healing from the trauma of racism,  to share these gifts with yourself, your loved ones and your  communities!

This  group will include past participants from "Healing from the Trauma of  Racism: Part I" only. We are building a healing community. 

Come join us!


Next Session: TBD!

*Please note: this group is for People of Color and past participants of  Healing from the Trauma of Racism: A Liberation Process Group for People  of Color 

(Part I) only.  Please do not share with people who have not attended Part I.


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